About SKY

Sky Entertainers is an award winning Colombo based Sri Lankan marketing and advertising agency founded in 2005 as a video production company that quickly expanded into a full service marketing company. Its brand name is SKY COLOMBO and constitutes the entirety of its identity. It is known as one of the most innovative, scientifically sound and truth driven marketing agencies in the country. As such, it is not only highly selective in the tasks it undertakes but expends enormous amounts of energy to get to the root of the demand-supply dynamic for every good and every service it undertakes to promote and utilizes a crack team of internal and consultative scientists to explore very specific aspects of human psychology, anthropology, sociology and other mission critical sciences to formulate its strategies. In order to do this, it has in-house expertise in every aspect of the industry making it one of the few fully self-sufficient agencies in Sri Lanka.

Having recognized before anyone else that the mood of the world was shifting rapidly away from industrial age metrics to sustainable age rubrics it was the first agency to move into creating paradigm shifting frameworks for marketing for the age of sustainability. Utilizing its team of experts it unpacked the reality of such efforts resulting in its spiral marketing paradigm that was perfectly tailored to meet future shifts in the way the world viewed marketing. It used that new age grammar that was of its own make to create the LITRO GAS campaign which became a benchmark in the way branding was strategically shifted away from the product and firmly placed as a sub-brand within a larger brand identified from within target segment of the population. The campaign was the first to be capable of addressing an entire nation of people and it was able to do so simply because it built its Corporate Social Responsibility component directly into the brand. This created an iconic campaign and launched SKY COLOMBO to the top of the new breed of marketers who were macro-enabled, deeply logical, sensitive to real needs and never steered away from the path of truth making it the ideal team to create massively impactful campaigns and movements for genuine efforts at providing much required, high quality services and goods to a public that had been significantly leg astray by highly questionable and largely fallacious instruments used in the past.


Sky Entertainers possess a production staff of Marketers, Client Service Personnel, Directors, Assistant Directors, Composers, Editors, Casting Directors, Art Directors, Sound Engineers, Graphic Artists and complete post production that uses edge technologies to create the most arresting and impactful marketing campaigns. With a staff of over 35 skilled personnel, it is the largest full-fledged marketing company. To date, it has not only created hugely successful national level marketing campaigns but has also contributed to the work of half-service agencies by creatingmore than 5000 TV commercials. In addition to its own work, it also partners with multinational and national advertising agencies in Sri Lanka such as; JWT , Grant McCann Erickson , Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Gray Advertising, Phoenix Ogilvy, Mullen LOWE, Leo Burnett Solutions, Bates Asia, Triad Advertising, Sarva Integrated, Words Advertising and Holmes Pollard & Stott.

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