How much do you charge for a corporate video / ad film?

This practically varies with every project depending on your requirements. We have to take into account the expenses related to location, number of artists, cameras, make up, props etc., Based on your brief and on the acceptance of our core idea, we could be able to provide a perfect estimate. We don’t believe in over charging our client, we can give you a detailed break up of our costs based on your requirements.

What if we are not sure about what to do, can you guide us?

No problem, we can walk you through the entire production process based on your requirement. You may have to fill up your questionnaire to help us understand your needs thoroughly. Based on your inputs we can create a detailed project plan and explain to you about what we are going to do and how much it is going to cost. There will be complete clarity on what we are going to do and how beneficial it is for choosing us.

Normally, what all are the things that will be involved in a video shoot?

For all practical reasons, it involves cameras, lights, our creative crew, props to be used in the shot etc., Depending on the nature and complexity of the shoot involved, there might be more crew and equipments. Though we make it a point to complete the shoot as quickly as possible through our perfect planning and execution capabilities, it might extend as the case may be.

What can you say about the quality of your videos?

You will get best output with us. We don’t compromise on the quality. We shoot the scenes using high definition cameras with prime cine lenses.

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